General InfoPersonnel Roster


 Chief and Deputy Chief
  Kevin C. Beach, Chief of Police
  Kevin M. Simons, Deputy Chief of Police
  Scott R. Wittmann, Captain of Support Services
  Edward T. Stevens, Captain of Administration
  Dominic J. Corigliano, Captain of Patrol
 Jonathan A. Carr, Lieutenant
 Mark P. Liddy, Lieutenant
 Cheyenne Schoff, Lieutenant
 Detective Division
 James P. Boyer, Detective Commander 
 Jeffrey A. Race, Detective
 Edwin D’Alessandro, Detective
 Richard M. Galluppi, Detective
 Jason T. Worth, Detective
 Kevin James, Detective
 Jeffrey M. Lanigan, Detective (Public Information Officer)
 Michael P. DeMatteo, Detective
 Thomas P. Smith Sgt. J.A.D.
 Mark A. Glasso, Sergeant
 David J. Collins, Sergeant
 Donald D'Aiuto, Sergeant
 Frank Fragapane, Sergeant
 John A. Reilly, Sergeant
 Christopher J. Shean, Sergeant
 Alex Sypniewski, Sergeant
Patrol Officers
Albert J. Ciccone
Merino J. Ciccone III, S.R.O.
Sharon L. Rood, S.R.O.
Robert J. Galluppi
Derek T. Utter
Scott W. Hoag, S.R.O.
Frederick J. Carnevale
Fred A. Pacicca
Mark A. Fanfarillo
Jason W. Fairbrother
Nicholas J. Martin
Thomas R. Medlin III
Michael F. Uhl
Brian J. Gualtieri
Hollie B. Kennedy
Paul C. Pelton Jr.
Bryan M. Zoeckler
Jeffrey L. Buckley
Shane A. Riolo
Aaron A. Page
Chad D. Murphy
Daniel A. Vescio
Kelly L. Lupinski
James A. Pruckno
George W. Gebo III
James L. Richardson Jr.  
David A. Salle Jr.
Michael J. Sweezy
Brian A. Stevens
Eric A. Stevens
Thomas J. Furlong
Josef I. Hall
Ryan P. Crever
James T. Bristol
Joseph A. Pruckno
Alexzandra S. Carletta
Daniel D. Roberts
Nicolaus J. Schreppel
Tyler F. Witchley
Charles E. Zonnevylle IV
Jacob A. Clark
Stacie R. Skidmore
Matthew A. Hall
Rory J. Spain
Ann M. Copperwheat, Records Division
Madeline M. Amuso, Chief’s Secretary
William Bardo, Custodian


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