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The Rome Police Department Canine (K9) Unit was formed in the mid 1980’s. Currently the unit has two canine, " Uki",  a dual purpose canine, with his handler Patrolman Fred Carnavale, and Patrolman Alexandra Carletta with her partner, "Arko". The K9 Unit is deployed for various functions including tracking, crowd control, building and narcotic searches, and public relations. The police department and the community continue to benefit from the specialized service that the unit affords in the field of law enforcement.

Patrolmen Carnavale (Uki) and Alexandra Carletta (Arko) train in accordance with NYS DCJS standards and are recertified accordingly. Training is on-going and meets the minimum requirements mandated by DCJS of twenty-fours hours per annual quarter.






Contact Information Dominic Corigliano
Phone: (315) 339-7701
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