Chief Kevin Beach announces School Safety Officer job posting

Chief Kevin Beach announces School Safety Officer job posting

The hiring/assignment posting for the position of School Security Officer (SSO) is hereby announced: 

Presently, the administration is seeking applications from currently retired City of Rome, NY, Police Officers who have maintained New York State Police Certification, and/or current City of Rome, NY, Police Officers who will retire prior to September 3, 2018, who are interested in serving as School Security Officers (SSO) for the City of Rome Police Department in the Rome City School District.

Interested officers who meet the qualifications for hire/assignment to the SSO Program shall complete and submit a City of Rome Application for General Employment to the City of Rome Administrative Services Office.

Applicants must be a certified law enforcement officer by the State of New York who has retired from the Rome Police Department in good standing prior to being hired as an SSO.   For application click


School Security Officers will be considered as part-time employees with the City of Rome Police Department and be compensated at a rate of $30.00 per hour.


Officers shall be selected for the SSO Program by the Chief of Police.


The position will commence with the start of the 2018/2019 Rome City School District School Year and the duration of service shall be determined by the Chief of Police; however, SSO positions will only be maintained as agreed upon by the MOU between the City of Rome and the Rome City School District.

Applicants must have excellent communication skills and be able to relate well to children of all ages.

Applicants for the SSO Program shall be in sound physical condition, free from disabilities or injuries that would prevent them from performing the duties of a certified police officer, and be able to pass a physical agility test consisting of sit ups, push ups, and 1.5 mile run at the 40th percentile of the Cooper Standard.

Successful applicants, who have not previously done so, shall be required to furnish fingerprints and submit to a criminal background check and clearance by the State Education Department''''''''s Office of School Personnel Review and Accountability (OSPRA) prior to performing services.  The Rome City School District will be solely responsible for any costs associated with this requirement.

Normal duty hours will be Monday through Friday, when school is in session, from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, during the school year.  There may be occasions when SSO''''''''s may be requested to work additional hours.  If the SSO agrees to additional hours, he/she shall be compensated at the $30.00/hour rate.Successful SSO applicants must be willing to attend training as determined by the Chief of Police or his designee to include, but not be limited to, firearms training and active shooter training.

Successful SSO applicants must be able to perform the following job duties:

            1.   Report directly to the Chief of Police or his designee.  Scheduling will be done by the Chief of Police or his designee.

            2.   Provide for the security and safety of all students, staff, and visitors, protect school property, and maintain order in and around the school site.


            3.   Provide intervention between students and/or staff using appropriate techniques to calm and control situations. 

                4.   Report all violations of law, school rules, regulations or policies to Rome City School District Administration.



            5.   Enforce all governing New York State and federal laws, rules, and regulations and assist schools in meeting requirements mandated by New York State Law.




             6.   Act as liaison with police and other emergency personnel. 



            7.   Advise school administration of any circumstances or situation that may create any potential harm to persons, or damage to, or loss of property. 



            8.   When feasible and requested to do so by school officials, and in a manner which does not infringe upon individuals Constitutional rights, screen persons entering the building or school grounds. 



            9.   Become familiar with all hidden recesses in the building and check them periodically.




           10. Maintain post integrity.  Be highly visible and available at all times and refrain from unnecessary fraternization with other officers and/or employees of the school district.




           11. Question any individual not having appropriate identification to ascertain his/her status.




           12. Seize and store/dispose of any illegal substance or contraband seized by school officials as required/not required for evidence in prosecution.




           13. Assist school officials in developing security plans/measures and crime prevention efforts.






Interested and qualified persons should submit their application for employment to the Administrative Services Office, Rome City Hall, 198 N. Washington Street, Rome, NY 13440, no later than close of business on Friday, June 29, 2018.





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