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 The Special Investigations Unit is a highly specialized unit which is comprised of detectives who are trained in the investigation, recognition and testing of illegal substances (Narcotics).  The unit focuses mainly on narcotic investigations throughout the City of Rome, both inside and outside districts.  S.I.U. will also conduct any other investigations that they are assigned by the Chief of Police.  All members are a part of the Oneida County Drug Task Force which gives the members the status of Special Deputy with the Oneida County Sheriff's Office. This allows them to conduct narcotic investigations throughout Oneida County.  The members of S.I.U. are task force members with the Syracuse D.E.A. Resident Office, which allows them to conduct investigations throughout the United States if necessary. 

 Contact:       (315) 339-7749 - Drug Tip Hotline

                              (315) 339-7750 

                                           (315) 339-7782

                               (315) 838-1912    






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Phone: (315) 339-7749
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