Officer Jenna Kiskiel - Officer of the Month


On Sunday, July 5, 2020, Officer Kiskiel was assigned to unit 116. At approximately 0405 hours, Officer Kiskiel responded to South George Street for a menacing complaint that was reported to be in progress. The reporting party stated that a white male was walking south bound on South George Street and was in possession of a handgun. Upon arrival, Officer Kiskiel observed a male matching the suspect’s description walking in the area. Officer Kiskiel used her vehicles spotlight to illuminate the suspect who then turned away and began to run in a westerly direction. Officer Kiskiel exited her patrol vehicle and observed the male reaching into his pocket. While he was running the suspect was observed with his right hand in his pocket in a manner that led Officer Kiskiel to further believe that he was in possession of a firearm and was attempting to prevent it from falling out of his pocket. Officer Kiskiel gave verbal commands to the suspect to stop and to show his hands. The suspect then tripped and fell to the ground. Officer Kiskiel approached the suspect who was now laying in a prone position and detained the suspect. At that time, she observed a silver revolver laying on the ground next to the suspect that had fallen from the suspects pocket after he fell. Officer Kiskiel awaited the assistance of backup officers, escorted the suspect to the rear of her patrol vehicle, and the revolver was then secured by another officer. The revolver in question was in fact loaded and was later determined to have been illegally possessed by the suspect. The actions of Officer Kiskiel resulted in the arrest of the suspect and the removal of an illegal firearm from the streets, thus preventing further criminal acts.

Officer Jenna Kiskiel  - Officer of the Month
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