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Detective Sharon Rood and Sgt. Alex Sypniewski Officers of the Month - August

Detective Sharon Rood and Sgt. Alex Sypniewski Officers of the Month - August

The Rome Police Department is pleased to announce that Detective Sharon Rood and Sergeant Alex Sypniewski have been selected as Officers of the Month for August.

Detective Rood led the criminal investigation in to the homicide that occurred in August. She conducted suspect and witness interviews, constructed timelines, reviewed evidence and provided crucial leadership. Her professionalism and compassion was evident while interacting with the victims family members throughout the investigation and continues now during the beginning stages of the judicial process.

Sergeant Alex Sypniewski led the forensic investigation in to the homicide. His professionalism and attention to detail throughout the DAvolio homicide investigation was evident to all of the officers involved. He coordinated efforts at multiple crime scenes, in the most difficult of circumstances. His leadership and attention to detail led to the discovery of crucial evidence. He coordinated the efforts of those under his supervision and with officers from other assisting agencies.

These Officers coordinated the departments efforts following a brutal homicide. The investigation was both physically and emotionally difficult for all of the officers involved. The leadership, professionalism, and tenacity exhibited by these officers has led to the completion of a difficult case, and is an example of how these cases should be conducted.

Their performance has been exemplary and is deserving of this recognition.

Detective Rood joined the departent in August of 2003.  


Sergeant Sypniewski joined the department in April of 2011.

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