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Rome Police - Protect - ServeThe Rome Police Department is comprised of 76 police officers and 2 civilians. In order to give our community the best police services, our department has several specialized units, which consist of several divisions. Please choose a division at left for additional information. The members of our department are dedicated law enforcement professionals who take pride in delivering the best possible police services to our community. We are proud of our efforts to provide a safe neighborhood and school environment.


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The mission of the Rome Police Department is to protect life and property, prevent crime, detect and arrest offenders. This shall be accomplished by enforcing all federal, state, and local laws over which this Department has jurisdiction.

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Autism Awareness
Autism Awareness

During the month of April each year, the world comes together to show love, support and spread awareness for people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

You may ask yourself, what is Autism Spectrum Disorder' Autism Spectrum Disorder is developmental disorder of variable severity that is characterized by difficulties in social interaction, communication, sensory processing and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thou ...

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Juvenile Aid
Juvenile Aid

The Juvenile Aid Division handles all incidents and issues that involve persons who are under the age of sixteen and unemancipated.  This includes all criminal incidents with juvenile offenders or victims and also many non-criminal matters that require police intervention.  Juvenile investigators are trained to investigate crimes with a particular emphasis on prosecution when indicated and rehabilitation when possible.  Youthful offenders are treated with special safeguards and procedures that assess the seriousness of each offense and determine the precise course of action t...

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