Personnel Roster

Chief and Deputy Chief
Kevin C. Beach, Chief of Police
Kevin M. Simons, Deputy Chief of Police

Dominic J. Corigliano, Captain of Patrol
Cheyenne Schoff, Captain of Administration
David Collins, Captain of Support Services

Lieutenants (Patrol)
John Reilly, Lieutenant
Mark A. Glasso, Lieutenant
Michael P. DeMatteo, Lieutenant
Sharon L. Rood, Lieutenant  (Public Information Officer)
Nick Martin, Lieutenant

Detective Division
Kevin M. James, Detective Commander
Jeffrey A. Race, Detective
Jeffrey M. Lanigan, Detective
Bryan M. Zoeckler, Detective
Alex Sypniewski, Detective  (Child Advocacy Center)
Daniel A. Vescio, Detective
Kelly L. Lupinski, Detective
Robert J. Galluppi, Detective
David A. Salle, Detective

Juvenile Aid Division
Scott Hoag, Sergeant

Sergeants (Patrol)
Derek Utter, Sergeant
Shane A. Riolo, Sergeant
Jason W. Fairbrother, Sergeant
Josef I. Hall, Sergeant
Brian A. Stevens, Sergeant
Thomas R. Medlin III, Sergeant
Fred A. Pacicca, Sergeant

Patrol Officers
Frederick J. Carnevale
Mark A. Fanfarillo
Brian J. Gualtieri  S.R.O.
Hollie B. Silverman
Jeffrey L. Buckley
Aaron A. Page
James A. Pruckno
George W. Gebo III
James L. Richardson Jr.  S.R.O.
Michael J. Sweezy
Eric A. Stevens
Ryan P. Crever   S.R.O.
James T. Bristol
Alexzandra S. Carletta
Daniel D. Roberts
Nicolaus J. Schreppel
Charles E. Zonnevylle IV
Tyler J. Nutting
Sanel Galigasevic
Jared Luczak
Alexis  Perry
Jarrod J. Stanek
Zachary D. Hadasz
Jenna L. Kiskiel
Zackery J. White
John P. LaMarco
Matthew J. Heinrich
Tyler J. Wilson
Christopher T. Herring
Matthew D. Richardson
Anthony A. Calandra
Thomas E. Tardugno
Dylan M. Stasio
Kevin M. Fisher Jr.
John A. Petrelli
Markel C. Griggs
Megan L. Pritchard
Mikayla M. Blumenstock
Anthony L. Pacicca
Kalyn M. Olney
Joseph A. Longo
Wilfredo E. Huembes

Melissa L. Rowland, Records Division
Madeline M. Amuso, Chief’s Secretary
Robert Fanning, Custodian

Contact information

301 N. James Street
Rome, NY 13440

Phone: (315) 339-7780

Rome Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative

Comments regarding the Rome Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative should be submitted to

Latest Announcement

New York State law requires all drivers and passengers wear seat belts, regardless of where they sit in the vehicle. Further, stretch limousines already on the road will be required to include seatbelts at every seat by January 2023.

Officer Exam Announcement

This position is responsible for the enforcement of laws and ordinances and protection of lives and property in a designated area of an assigned shift; does related work as required. Duties consist primarily of routine patrol tasks, assisting in investigation of criminal offenses and the apprehension of criminals.